In the home workshop needed at least a few basic tools. Below is a tool without which you will not be able to do without a home workshop. They will be needed for even the smallest work or repairs.


1) Drill - useful to drill a hole in the wall, for example. When you want to hang a shelf, wiertka might be useful also for turning furniture. It should also have on hand a set of drill bits for our wiertki that will facilitate work on various subjects.





2) saw - we will need to cut all sorts of items, such as metolowa sheet metal, or wood. With the renovations will be much simpler and easier. It is worth to buy a saw good quality, which will serve us for years.



3) Driver - useful for precise screwing of different screws. Thanks to all the utensils we made or repaired will be more stable and more durable.




4) hammer - no doubt it's an extremely useful at home. It is useful for nailing nails, renovation, or repair equipment. It should be to always close at hand.




5) tape measure - without making even a simple hardware may be impossible or very difficult. Tape measure will accurately about