Wi-fi on the plane


Previously, the use of the wifi on the plane was virtually impossible when it comes to European lines. Such a service was available rather on long-haul flights and has a charge. It was the first such service Lufthansa introduced in 2003, followed by other carriers followed.


Providing Internet on board an aircraft is quite expensive, so often associated with an additional fee, but more often it is free. Wi-fi in aircraft can be transferred in two ways - the signal can be transmitted to an antenna, which is located on the fuselage or may be received from terrestrial transmitters.


Explosives engine aircraft


Few people know that the aircraft are explosive. They are found in the engine aircraft, but not in order to destroy it, but ... save. Explosives can save the engine during its fire. If a fire is detected, a charge that is located there breaks the hermetic housing, which is under high pressure and begins the process of injecting extinguishing fluids by an appropriate system, which are designed to extinguish the flames.


Electronic devices and the efficiency of the aircraft


From niedawana airlines allow you to use electronic devices to their passengers. In such cases, bad visibility, or whether the low level cloud service aircraft shall be informed through terrestrial signals. There is a theory that electronic devices can interfere with these signals. But I do not really found any evidence that could confirm such a theory.