How to fix a lock on the door?


If your lock on the door to jam you can buy a new or .. To attempt to repair the old lock. If it is old, it may just about his oiled to rusty parts again become effectively operational. For this purpose, consider using an oil spray and sprayed all parts of the lock. This should help its more efficient operation.


If this does not help, you need to check one after the other, which part is broken, it might be a spring or other important part. Then should I remove, buy the same and put our lock.


How to fix the creaking cabinet?


Creak cabinet may suggest that something of the hinges is not right. First, inspect the hinges, if we see them clear an elapsed time as rust above all, to be oiled, but if that does not work, you will need to purchase new hinges.


Then unscrew the old hinge and insert new ones with screws and a drill. Then surely cabinet to stop creak and a stutter.



How to fix a leaking battery shower?


If there is a leakage, you must first tighten all the elements that make up the battery. However, if this does not work, you cut off the water supply to the battery and proceed to repair.



If you cut off the water supply, we can replace the seal. After twisting the battery check to see if the problem is removed. However, if we still have a problem with leakage, remove the heads and take me by the service because they can not deal with this alone.