How do yourself pospawać gate?


The gate is very expensive, the cost of its purchase individual order ranges from several to several thousand. So let's think a little, use your skills and make yourself the gate!


How to do it?


Individual parts can be ordered from online stores - we have to choose a lot of various elements, so surely it will adjust to the environment of our house. Before doing so, each drawn about the design of such gate and accurately calculate what and how much we need. Then, using welders combine elements together. And in this way we can make gates according to your own design.





How to cut sheet metal?


If you want to cut something out of sheet metal you have to go about it in an appropriate and considered way. First of all, the delicate sheet can not cut all kinds of power tools Bosch type because it can be too much heat and distort.


1) can be used eg. A metal, but it is worth taking into account that we may not be able to accurately cut a desired shape by us. However, with simple shapes it is suitable technique.

2) should also take into account the laser cutting technology, because there is no risk of overheating sheet metal, and the cut is precise. For this purpose we will use a robot for laser cutting

3) Also recommended is the technique of cutting water, which has similar advantages as laser cutting.




How to make yourself a shelf for tools?


Shelf for tools useful in every workshop. Thanks to it we will be able to maintain order in the workplace. Doing such a shelf is easy!


We'll need a few boards, some nails, a hammer and drill.


 On the boards we shape boxes, nailed nails and tighten the drill. Then, in a container we compartments for various tools and utensils - make them different sizes - some will nail the other key, and others on the drill. Thanks to keep an even larger order.