Automation refers to more and more aspects of everyday life. However, the area in which automation has the greatest progress is technology. With automation, process manufacturing various types of machinery, or equipment runs much faster. Below are the most popular and most useful technique method of flavoring.


The welding robot - it is a machine that allows you to streamline the process of welding. With the welding becomes more precise, and the whole process faster. Spawalniczemu With the robot you can have more control over the welding process. The robot also allows greater flexibility in the welding process.


By using various types of software and functions of the welding robot can weld various techniques, such as. TIG, MIG, MAG welding.


Industrial robot - thanks to him streamlining is widely understood process of production. It is used in positions where there is a high risk of accidents and other dangers to replace people there. It eg. For chemical environments, or use excessive force when loading or unloading.


Industrial robots are used in sectors such as mining, construction, heavy industry, electromechanical industry. Industrial robots can be programmed, you can change their functions or control system.


CNC - it is a computer system that can be programmed, otherwise the control system used in all kinds of machines. It is used to automate machines of all kinds, with a view to streamlining their work and making it to be faster and more precise. CNC system is used in all kinds of machines, such as eg. A lathe or milling machine.


The supervisor CNC is able to accurately program it. The machine communicates with the track via a graphical interface that allows you to edit and enter information.