How to fix a lock on the door?


If your lock on the door to jam you can buy a new or .. To attempt to repair the old lock. If it is old, it may just about his oiled to rusty parts again become effectively operational. For this purpose, consider using an oil spray and sprayed all parts of the lock. This should help its more efficient operation.


If this does not help, you need to check one after the other, which part is broken, it might be a spring or other important part. Then should I remove, buy the same and put our lock.


How to fix the creaking cabinet?


Creak cabinet may suggest that something of the hinges is not right. First, inspect the hinges, if we see them clear an elapsed time as rust above all, to be oiled, but if that does not work, you will need to purchase new hinges.


Then unscrew the old hinge and insert new ones with screws and a drill. Then surely cabinet to stop creak and a stutter.



How to fix a leaking battery shower?


If there is a leakage, you must first tighten all the elements that make up the battery. However, if this does not work, you cut off the water supply to the battery and proceed to repair.



If you cut off the water supply, we can replace the seal. After twisting the battery check to see if the problem is removed. However, if we still have a problem with leakage, remove the heads and take me by the service because they can not deal with this alone.

Wi-fi on the plane


Previously, the use of the wifi on the plane was virtually impossible when it comes to European lines. Such a service was available rather on long-haul flights and has a charge. It was the first such service Lufthansa introduced in 2003, followed by other carriers followed.


Providing Internet on board an aircraft is quite expensive, so often associated with an additional fee, but more often it is free. Wi-fi in aircraft can be transferred in two ways - the signal can be transmitted to an antenna, which is located on the fuselage or may be received from terrestrial transmitters.


Explosives engine aircraft


Few people know that the aircraft are explosive. They are found in the engine aircraft, but not in order to destroy it, but ... save. Explosives can save the engine during its fire. If a fire is detected, a charge that is located there breaks the hermetic housing, which is under high pressure and begins the process of injecting extinguishing fluids by an appropriate system, which are designed to extinguish the flames.


Electronic devices and the efficiency of the aircraft


From niedawana airlines allow you to use electronic devices to their passengers. In such cases, bad visibility, or whether the low level cloud service aircraft shall be informed through terrestrial signals. There is a theory that electronic devices can interfere with these signals. But I do not really found any evidence that could confirm such a theory.








In the home workshop needed at least a few basic tools. Below is a tool without which you will not be able to do without a home workshop. They will be needed for even the smallest work or repairs.


1) Drill - useful to drill a hole in the wall, for example. When you want to hang a shelf, wiertka might be useful also for turning furniture. It should also have on hand a set of drill bits for our wiertki that will facilitate work on various subjects.





2) saw - we will need to cut all sorts of items, such as metolowa sheet metal, or wood. With the renovations will be much simpler and easier. It is worth to buy a saw good quality, which will serve us for years.



3) Driver - useful for precise screwing of different screws. Thanks to all the utensils we made or repaired will be more stable and more durable.




4) hammer - no doubt it's an extremely useful at home. It is useful for nailing nails, renovation, or repair equipment. It should be to always close at hand.




5) tape measure - without making even a simple hardware may be impossible or very difficult. Tape measure will accurately about


Automation refers to more and more aspects of everyday life. However, the area in which automation has the greatest progress is technology. With automation, process manufacturing various types of machinery, or equipment runs much faster. Below are the most popular and most useful technique method of flavoring.


The welding robot - it is a machine that allows you to streamline the process of welding. With the welding becomes more precise, and the whole process faster. Spawalniczemu With the robot you can have more control over the welding process. The robot also allows greater flexibility in the welding process.


By using various types of software and functions of the welding robot can weld various techniques, such as. TIG, MIG, MAG welding.


Industrial robot - thanks to him streamlining is widely understood process of production. It is used in positions where there is a high risk of accidents and other dangers to replace people there. It eg. For chemical environments, or use excessive force when loading or unloading.


Industrial robots are used in sectors such as mining, construction, heavy industry, electromechanical industry. Industrial robots can be programmed, you can change their functions or control system.


CNC - it is a computer system that can be programmed, otherwise the control system used in all kinds of machines. It is used to automate machines of all kinds, with a view to streamlining their work and making it to be faster and more precise. CNC system is used in all kinds of machines, such as eg. A lathe or milling machine.


The supervisor CNC is able to accurately program it. The machine communicates with the track via a graphical interface that allows you to edit and enter information.





How do yourself pospawać gate?


The gate is very expensive, the cost of its purchase individual order ranges from several to several thousand. So let's think a little, use your skills and make yourself the gate!


How to do it?


Individual parts can be ordered from online stores - we have to choose a lot of various elements, so surely it will adjust to the environment of our house. Before doing so, each drawn about the design of such gate and accurately calculate what and how much we need. Then, using welders combine elements together. And in this way we can make gates according to your own design.





How to cut sheet metal?


If you want to cut something out of sheet metal you have to go about it in an appropriate and considered way. First of all, the delicate sheet can not cut all kinds of power tools Bosch type because it can be too much heat and distort.


1) can be used eg. A metal, but it is worth taking into account that we may not be able to accurately cut a desired shape by us. However, with simple shapes it is suitable technique.

2) should also take into account the laser cutting technology, because there is no risk of overheating sheet metal, and the cut is precise. For this purpose we will use a robot for laser cutting

3) Also recommended is the technique of cutting water, which has similar advantages as laser cutting.




How to make yourself a shelf for tools?


Shelf for tools useful in every workshop. Thanks to it we will be able to maintain order in the workplace. Doing such a shelf is easy!


We'll need a few boards, some nails, a hammer and drill.


 On the boards we shape boxes, nailed nails and tighten the drill. Then, in a container we compartments for various tools and utensils - make them different sizes - some will nail the other key, and others on the drill. Thanks to keep an even larger order.